Handley Insurance Agency

Adjust My Policy

Do you already have Insurance with Handley? Regardless of what kind of insurance you have with us, or how long you’ve had your current policy, we are always open to changes that benefit our customers! Insurance laws change, and so do the coverage options offered by many of the Insurance providers we work with. Chances are, something might have changed in your favor!

But if you really want to talk savings, you might want to talk Bundling! Just ask one of our most loyal customers, Tammy Lee! Tammy had already been a long-time partner with Handley Insurance, and was very content with the coverages she was receiving with Handley for all four of her vehicles. A new plan option came out through one of Handley’s providers that offered huge savings for homeowner’s insurance if it was bundled with multiple cars. The professionals at Handley could have just went about their day, shelving this information unless Tammy called back. After all, they had no financial gain for offering a lower policy rate to Tammy.

But sitting on information that could potentially benefit their customers is NOT the Handley way. Her Handley agents thought of her immediately, picked up the phone, and gave her a call. They told her about the new bundled savings plan, and she of course said “let’s do it!” So now, Tammy has better coverage on her 4 cars, complete homeowner’s insurance, and an extra $4200 in her pocket at the end of every year! What other Insurance Agency would go to this great of lengths for their customers? Only Handley! But you knew that. That’s why you came to Handley in the first place.

If you think there might be some attractive new bundle packages, or great new coverages, or you would just like us to take a look at your policy, don’t hesitate to call! We’re not here for us, we’re here for you! Call Handley Insurance today, and see how easy adjusting your policy can be.